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Akira-Seiki CNC Machining Center

Instituted technical centers for high speed spindle development. Cooperated with Mitsubishi to generate own AKIRA Mi controller for high cutting performance and friendly operator interface. High resolution servo stabilize precise axis positioning for high complex and accuracy jobs. Absolute industrial control components ensure reliable longevity and instant technical support in worldwide service centers.
Based on 20 years specialization and marketing in machine tools, devoted US$ 2.5 millions to build own manufacturing factory in Taichung Industrial Park, Taiwan. Regenerated line-up product to transplant the success from USA, where is keen competition, Akira-Seiki expands marketing development from USA to the worldwide.
With the success to the industrialized countries, we built reliable machineries to promote customers' success in global where make more competition. Akira-Seiki increase US$ 3.5 million asset to build 2nd factory in Taichung Industrial Park.

Akira-Seiki well management in production and quality is taking the lead and ever guarantee to our customers. Hence, we decide moved to Taichung Precision Machinery Technology Innovation Park, where the new established area for combined these three plants facilitate and enhance the unity of management quality control.