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Hyundai Wia

CNC Model: XD32 | 38II
High horsepower, high-efficiency CNC automatic lathe
High rigidity
  • - Optimal structure for strong cutting that ensures high rigidity
Improved tooling
  • - B-Axis and Y2-Axis that ensures tooling versatility
Enhanced precision machining and minimized C/T
  • - Higher cross drill horsepower and less non-productive time with a 32i-B NC
Model XD32II XD35II XD38II
NC Fanuc 32i-B / 0i-TD
Max. machining diameter Ø32mm Ø35mm Ø38mm
Main Spindle Max. speed 6,500rpm
Motor power 5.5/7.5kW
Sub Spindle Max. speed 6,500rpm
Motor power 2.2/5.5kW(32i-B), 1.1/3.7kW(0i-TD)
Cross drill/Back tool Max. speed 6,000rpm
Motor power 2.2kW / 1.0kW
Weight 3,600kg
Machine Size (L x W x H) 3,000 x 1,440 x 1,750